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PYES 2022 registration is still active. Online registration is now available at the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme application form webpage ( You can use the information in this article to properly register for PYES. Please click the link to register at, which is the site for registration.

PYES Registration 2022

The acronym PYES, stands for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme. The link to the PYES registration form is available via the portal before we continue.

According to the coordinator, the PYES aims to directly empower adolescents over a two-year period, creating at least 774,000 possibilities for empowerment.

Note that the PYES registration is completely free of charge.

PYES Registration Requirements 2022

You must be a Nigerian citizen, either male or female, and between the ages of 18 and 40 to be eligible to apply for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (PYES). This is the “Youth Age,” according to the Nigerian National Youth Policy.

  1. You must show the basic ability to learn and be teachable, you must have at least one valid means of identification, could be National Identity card, International Passport, or Permanent Voters Card – PVC).
  2. You must also provide a Second Level Beneficiary (SLB) to qualify to benefit from the scheme.
  3. You must show the ability to communicate in Basic English language and or any other local Nigerian language.
  4. Provide proof of upright character and a stable mind.
  5. You must provide a guarantor, preferably one who’s a religious or community leader.
  6. You must be able to secure the endorsement of a local government official.
  7. You should possess the ability to transfer knowledge and mentor peers within your community.
  8. You must Complete the guarantor’s form.

How to Register

The fastest and safest way to sign up for the programme is to visit to log into the PYES site.

Once you’ve arrived at the PYES registration page, go ahead and begin your application by entering your phone number and email address.

 A confirmation code will be issued to your mobile phone via the phone number or email address you provided.

To proceed with your registration, enter the confirmation code online.

To validate your registration, enter the code that was supplied to you via

PYES Portal Closing Date 2022

PYES registration deadline has not yet been disclosed. You should keep an eye out because you will be alerted as soon as it is.

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